ecommerce comes naturally to us / we conceptualised and set up india's first online store to retail jewellery to clients all over the world / since then we have set up a number of successful online stores in various countries using the following products:

  • brewcomm is our own ecommerce product built on the microsoft .net 4.0 framework enables us to seamlessly integrate an online store into your web presence
  • magento is a leading global ecommerce product that offers unrivalled flexibility and functionality for your online store / we have extensive experience with the complete development process, from initial designs to final implementation of magento's core code-base / we can also produce modules to customise and extend magento to tailor it to fit your exact requirements
  • wordpress was originally launched as a blogging platform however in time this product has matured into a professional cms and we at dzine have also given it an ecommerce dimension
Click on the images given below to see some of our more recent ecommerce websites.