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With a history that spans the better part of a century, Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers, better known as VBJ was looking to upgrade their brand presence. It was at this juncture, while VBJ was looking to bring their exquisite collections to a newer audience, that Dzine approached them. Vummidi was for DZINE a cold call that was made based on market info which culminated in a joint effort that successfully positioned the brand as an exclusive jeweller catering to everyday customers, as well as connoisseurs of rarities.

Of the multiple approaches that were suggested by DZINE to VBJ, the client opted to go for a visually rich site layout. Once the initial approach was finalised, we got down to action. Professional photographers were called in to shoot every individual piece of jewellery in the VBJ catalogue. After three rounds with multiple specialists, the dossier of photos was ready. They were carefully segmented into the various collections. The website links were structured around a large display area with category driven menus that appeared on the bottom of the page on mouse over. The pictures of the models and the jewellery itself were posted in high resolution format. A dedicated window that launched on click would allow users to inspect every minute detail of the ornaments on offer.

DZINE crafted the Vummidi card holder experience for repeat customers. VBJ's business culture is one where the association with every customer is cherished and to this effect the Vummidi club area was structured. For the first time visitor, the Gold Saving Scheme and Gold Rate ready reckoners were built in. A gift finder module, always a hit with the out of town customers and the gift voucher option was both incorporated.

After careful study of the company's business model a fast paced ecommerce module was set up. Since the focus was on minimal interruptions during online transactions, a quick response, automation heavy system was commissioned. As always BrewMaster and BrewCommerce was leveraged to hold the entire site and transactions together with HTML, CSS and Ajax on the .Net platform.

We did a review of the work so far and we felt that there was more we could add. So we went right ahead and did. The vibrant pictures were matched with content that gave detailed descriptions right down to the tiniest detail that the artisans had worked into the pieces. We needed a final touch and that came in the form of a single flash segment. The many stars of the VBJ universe coming together to form the shape of a bejewelled Kamadhenu gave us the opening sequence and at the same time crowned the website.

Come and share in this visual treat DZINE has prepared here.
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