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DZINE’s partnership with Moods Condoms began almost 7 years ago when their ad agency contacted us with their digital requirements. We agreed, on the condition that the digital space, while still fulfills the brand requirements, remains independent from the offline communication. At a time when the brand was undergoing a complete revamp, Moods Condoms were so impressed by what we brought to the table that they entrusted us with their complete digital portfolio.

Our research and instincts led us to understand that the more the consumer trusts the brand, the more they trust the safety and performance of the condoms. At this time in India, sex and condoms were still taboo subjects discussed behind closed doors. So rather than just create an e-commerce website, we decided to engage with the audience and get them talking about safe sex. Initially creating an online space called Moods Planet, we gave the audience private forums to have their questions on sex heard and answered. Using fictional characters as faces, we would respond to their queries while also allowing them to discuss topics amongst themselves.
Then with the advent of social media, we did the natural thing and move this comfort zone to a Facebook fan page. Our objective was to create a friendly atmosphere while maintaining a close-but-not-too-close approach. More importantly, we would remove the stigma of fear that people face when being associated with a condom brand. Analysing the initial fan base on Facebook, we narrowed the demographics to be mostly young single males within the age group of 18-24 years, majority of who were from India. Women accounted for less than 20% of the fan base. Since Moods Condoms also has an international presence, a few of the fans were from African and Arab countries, as well as from the USA and Europe.
From interacting with the audience, we understood that they enjoyed visually stimulating content with a strong desire to know more about the subject of sex and sexual relations. Keeping this in mind, we introduced the fans to the new face of the brand online, Olivia Jones, a young, confident and voluptuous woman, who always has the right things to say. Using Olivia, we would promote the brand using simple, yet powerful posts that would elicit excited responses. We would engage the fans in conversation, link subject-related videos and photos, introduce exciting polls and much more, with the objective of converting them into loyal friends of Olivia and loyal fans of Moods Condoms.
The audience response to Olivia was overwhelming. They loved her playful attitude and witty responses, hanging on to her every word, and eventually the number of questions and conversations began to grow. Though mostly initiated by Olivia, the fans would always respond with strong support for the brand. In the process of making new friends and maintaining existing relationships, Olivia began to attract more and more fans to the page. Members began to eagerly await our monthly suggestive wallpapers starring Olivia’s hot “friends” with the most loyal fans sharing their feedback almost instantaneously.
Offering a variety of engagement opportunities, we have successfully encouraged more proactive participation from the fans and members who today, voluntarily participate in, as well as open up discussions and conversations. All efforts to earn Olivia's approval. To visit the online social world of Olivia and Moods Condoms, click here.

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